corporate benchmarking services

Data Capture and Reporting Systems

Corporate Benchmarking Services designs, builds and operates Data Capture and Reporting Systems for companies that routinely collect, compute and consolidate data from multiple points within their organisations.

We have produced various versions of the DCARS system, one for an engineering multinational, one for a retail trade association and two others for large generating energy utilities. Their interests spanned Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental data.

The systems - each custom built, transformed the processes of both data collection (marking the end of several individually designed and completed Excel spreadsheets) made a huge difference to the accuracy and reliability of the data and considerably sped up the pace at which performance results could be generated for board reports - in one case changing a ten month process into a ten minute one.

DCARS are large and complex systems that, to succeed, rely on a unique relationship between Corporate Benchmarking Services and the client company.


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